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De-Emphasize the use of Herbicides to kill grass- Registrar


As a way to further sensitize and improve the health of Nigerian Citizens, the Registrar, Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) Mr. Augustine Ebisike has advised against the use of herbicides to kill grass or weeds as its use portends danger to the health of the people.


The Registrar, who while fielding questions from a group of Media men at the weekend in Abuja said many people use herbicides to kill green vegetables which choked up their ability to absorb oxygen and hereby causing its inability to photosynthesize which makes the leaves to dry up and die.


Mr. Ebisike stated that those chemicals which are useable must be used by trained professionals in the field to avoid health implications on the population who will use those vegetables planted on such soil or land because the chemicals residues are absorbed by the plant.


He bemoaned a situation whereby anybody could go to the market to sell or buy chemicals, adding that the sales and distributions of chemicals such as herbicides should be controlled saying ‘’we should go back to the basics’’.


The Registrar, who acknowledged NAFDAC roles in the control of some chemicals also said the Federal Ministry of Environment has a chemical management put in place where most of those chemicals are controlled which were also subject to the international regulations under the convention that control some of the chemicals in which Nigeria was a signatory.


According to EHORECON boss, the inadequate control of the use of chemicals led to the issue of Acid bath, because they are readily available, saying ‘’Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria is not in charge of regulation and chemical control’’, he enthused.


He noted that there were so many illnesses associated with the improper use of chemicals for instance, incidence of cancer has increased though, there were no known causes of cancer but indiscriminate use of these chemicals could be a disposing factor too.


Augustine Ebisike, reiterated that dump sites where people discard their refuse both bio-degradable non-biodegradable waste like banana peels and other items compete in the same refuse bin does not ogour well, saying the bio-degradable waste like the banana peel would decay and absorbed into the soil while the non-biodegradable waste like the crashed computer, cell phone battery will stay longer in the soil adding that the resultant effect of the interaction might lead to the plants absorbing certain chemicals that may not agree with our system when we eat food planted on such soil.


The Registrar, who however, advised Nigerians on the use of chemicals said if one must use chemicals, one must be well protected with the personal protective equipment to avoid being harmed because a chemical that can kill weeds can actually kill human being, he claimed. 


27 October, 2014.