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PRESS STATEMENT Improved Sanitation Bedrock of Modern Development -Registrar

As a way to further improve the living standard of the people, the Registrar of the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) Mr. Augustine Ebisike has hinted in Owerri, Imo state that improved sanitation is the bedrock of modern development.

Mr. Augustine Ebisike while quoting from the UN report said that in the 20th century, that man made so much advancement in science and other related areas but one singular advancement man made in the 20th century that actually touched billions of lives was in the improvement of sanitation.

He said where sanitation had been compromised or not improved upon, the result is always poverty whereby diseases and gross under development are prevalence, adding that in order to grow people out of diseases and under development is to improve their sanitation which was the gospel truth that you and I have to preach.

He recalled in the 50’s and 60’s that sanitation was indispensable and that sanitary inspectors were adequately mobilized and empowered to keep diseases at bay.

Mr. Augustine Ebisike however counselled students of Environmental Health studying at various institutions of higher learning in the country that their choice of carrier today was a better one because Environmental Health is the fulcrum of public health which will make them in shaping of this century if they are prepared.

He revealed that today, new issues of climate change are emerging and that their curriculum are already geared towards addressing the health impact of climate change adding that the world will be depending on them to ameliorate some of the impact of climate change.

In his remark, the Executive Governor of Imo state, Chief Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha posited that some needs assessment in various local government have been identified and in few days and weeks such challenges as insufficient transportation to move Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) from one spot to the other and increase in some local government manpower shall be adequately addressed.

The special Assistant on Public Health who represented governor Okorocha, Pharmacist Amaka Onwumere intimated on the measures laid down by governor Okorocha to address some burning issues as ‘’Youth Must Work Programme’’.

She said that they have gone through the data base and had identified a lot of qualified EHOs which hopefully in the next few weeks would be engaged to join their counterpart team in various local governments.

Pharmacist Onwumere also revealed that his excellency, governor Rochas Okorocha had come with an initiative called ‘’the health at your door step’’.

According to her, this would mirror what we have overseas which is health care as Americans may call it. Pharmacist Prisca Onwumere posited that Imo state government is in the process of embarking on a security training that will prepare them to merge the health care delivery process with the security system which in addition means the government of Imo will train emergency medical services in the rural areas to undertake such services.

On the indiscriminate refuse dumping in Owerri, she said that governor Rochas Okorocha is doing a lot to reverse the situation on ground and hopefully in few days some changes, very remarkable changes are going to be very obvious.

The highlights of the day was the presentation of and educational awareness sanitation journal called ‘’The Sanitarian’’ to the members of the public by EHORECON.